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Copyright (C) Diego Crotti

The 31st squadron from Kleine Brogel AB, located in the east of Belgium, organized the 2009 NATO Tiger Meet. The Belgian tigers could fall back on the experience of 6 previous tiger meets that where organized between 1962 till 2001. However, the 2009 edition would be an all new ball game. Previously the Tiger meet would last one week, or even less in some of the early years, in 2009 the exercise would last two weeks, with 8 full days of flying, and this seems the way to go in the future, with the 2010 host 313 squadron starting off from the same plans.
Most members where trilled by the idea off a larger scale exercise, more flying meant more training. Only 814NAS could not join their fellow tigers for the full 2 weeks, so ended up joining the Tiger meet half way, by attending the 2nd week. There were off course a few squadrons missing in the air exercise. 230sqn made a last minute operational cancellation, 321sqn and 301sqn could only attend as weekend visitors, 335Mira, still in conversion on the F-16 block 52+, and 192Filo send observers.
And then their where the newcomers. 59/1 ‘Puma’ squadron from Hungary attended a Tiger Meet for the first time, and immediately joined in the 2 weeks of flying with 3 JAS-39 gripen. This resulted in the fact that they were granted Probationary member status. Another newcomer was 241squadron from the Serbian Republic Air Force, unable to bring aircraft to the Tiger meet, they send 2 observers, that where very impressed with the professionalism of their fellow tigers.

Copyright (C) Diego Crotti

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