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In 2008 the Tiger Meet took place at the NAVAL AIR STATION of Landivisiau, near Brest, France. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the ‘Tigers’ of Flotille 11F to organise a Tiger Meet exercise. Most of the time this squadron is onboard the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle. However the vessel was in dry-dock for ‘refuelling’, a procedure that almost takes a year which provided the squadron with the necessary time-frame.
Preparations for this Tiger Meet started rather late, just after the NTM 07 at Orland, when it became clear that the Lechfeld Tigers would not be able to organize in 2008 because of many young crews to be trained and other operational commitments. Luckilly the French Navy quickly approaved Flotille 11F’s proprosal to organise the 2008 Tiger Meet.
Ocean Tiger, as the exercise was called, soon gained interest from many Tiger squadrons in terms of participation. Almost all squadrons applied for participation, including some new ones that never attended a Tiger Meet, at least not flying along in the exercise. So we had the Czech 211 squadron, not only participating for the first time, but also bringing along the JAS39 Gripen. Because of their active participation they became probationary members of the NTA. And then there was the Jet Training Squadron from Austria with their old Saab 105 aircraft, but nevertheless a valuable addition to the Tiger fleet. Participating for the third time in a row was Spanish ALA 15 with their EF.18 A/B+ Hornets, early on during the NTM they received the FULL MEMBER status within the NTA.
Also present was a delegation of 335 Mira, the squadron is currently converting to the F-16 block 52+ and therefore was not able to bring along any aircraft to participate within this Tiger Meet. Other observers and weekend-visitors are 338 SQN, 321 SQN and 313 SQN.
A welcome return to the NATO Tiger Meet was 21 Gruppo. They brought along one of their AB-212ICO helicopters in a suberp 90th anniversary scheme. Unfortunately they were not able to participate within the massive helicopter fleet. By the time of the exercise the squadron (just like the Czech 231 sqn) was still involved in ISAF operations in Afghanistan.

Copyright (C) Diego Crotti

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