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Video: Royal Norwegian Air Force detachment completed NATO deployment to Iceland

The Royal Norwegian Air Force fighter detachment has wrapped up the second deployment of the F-35 fighter aircraft to executed NATO’s Air Policing mission in Iceland. For four weeks the detachment personnel has worked with the Icelandic Coast Guard at Keflavik Air Base, Iceland, and NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany, to safeguard Allied airspace in the High North. “We have gained very useful experience related to the transfer of the weapon system F-35 with the implementation of operations and maintenance of Quick Reaction Alert from an outdoor base over time,” says Lieutenant Colonel Tron Strand, detachment commander for NATO air policing mission in Iceland. “For Quick Reaction Alert operations, the F-35 plays this role in exactly the same way as the F-16 Norway has used so far; however,  the F-35 can do so much more, and the aircraft gives the pilot a much better understanding of the situation,” added Lieutenant Colonel Strand. “The F-35 represents the future and the aircraft is clearly necessary to be able to meet tomorrow's threats,” he added. NATO’s Allied Air Command oversees the Air Policing mission for all European NATO Allies through its two Combined Air Operations Centres in Spain and Germany. Allied Air Command also works with the Allied Air Forces to integrate modern aircraft like the F-35 into NATO Air Power. Iceland is one example of this.

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